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Do you love to put words together to make it meaningful and call it your own? Or are you looking for a place to build your audience? Join us now and start your imaginary journey with us. Clicl below to start creating. 


Do you love to pick books, read and imagine yourself as a character, then what are you waiting for? Join Swiftreads360 now and start your imaginary journey with your readers and other writers.


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We are a new community!

A community that assists especially African authors who love to write and also want to build their readers. We are also to help readers find new and interesting stories to read for their pleasures.

"Over a million people in Africa are using Swiftreads360. Its very easy to use"


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Stories published on our site must be an original work or must have the publisher’s permission to publish their works on the website. Without these, such stories will not be accepted.

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You can also report anyone who violates the copy right of others to or click on the report link below.

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Pornographic materials and stories about illegal sex as bestiality are not allowed on Swiftreads360. We want to make this site as comfortable as possible. However, your stories can contain mild sexual contents. Writers should endeavor to indicate or show that on their stories.