Coronavirus also known as covid-19 was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei, China in December 2019 and has spread widely through January to March and has been recognized by WHO;World Health Organization as a pandemic. More deaths keep rising and the numbers of recoveries rise as well. As at now, there has been no Vaccines or cure for the virus but the health practioners are doing their maximum best to control the situation. As at 25th March, there has been more than 425,000 cases recorded in more than 190 countries, 109,000 recoveries and 18,900 deaths. Our condolences to all affected families. Swiftreads360 will be praying for us all and would try their possible best to update on this case. 

How to protect yourself. 

The virus is believed to spread from persons to persons through close contact, via respiratory droplets produced when people cough or sneeze. When one touches a contaminated object and touches the face, mouth, nose or eyes, the person is likely to be infected. This virus is said to spread even before the symptoms show hence we are being warned to isolate and distance ourselves. The symptoms begin to show between the days of five to fourteen days. 

Common symptoms include:

Cough, shortness of breath and fever. 

Symptoms may then develop pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome. 

Preventive measures

Wash your hands regularly or Sanitize your hands. The sanitizer must contain more than 65% of alcohol. 

Cover your mouth when coughing with you elbow or tissue. Quickly dispose tissue when used. 

Distance and isolate yourself from people. As said the virus spreads before symptoms are shown so you may never know who is infected. 

The virus is said to die under hot temperature, so hence take in more warm water and only hot foods. 

The effect of this virus

This virus has led to the halt of activities and cancelling of religious, sports, cultural events, socioeconomic disruption and has spread fear across the countries. 

The only three things important now is:

Quarantine; is when you are suspected to have the virus and are waiting to be tested or waiting for the symptoms to show. As said, the symptoms begin to show between the days of five to fourteen. 

Isolation; this is when you have been tested positive and being isolated to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Social Distance; is asked to prevent yourself from coming into contact with anyone infected. This is done by avoiding close contact with others, not attending gatherings, and so on. 

A special message from swiftreads360

Please be safe, follow instructions and take in a lot of water and vitamin C. Do well to follow all protective measures. Also once or twice you will feel you have the virus due to a little tingling in your throat or nose, but trust us it’s just paranoia. You don’t have it so continue to pray for yourselves and the world, especially for the health department that they will have the strength to push through and more knowledge on finding the vaccines.