Chapter 1

All darkness ceased and a brilliant light flashed before me. It was so bright that my eyes were blinded by its radiance. I covered my eyes with my paws trying to blot out this extreme glare, but it did nothing. Slowly, carefully, I opened my eyes, allowing them to adjust to the brilliant light but when things came into focus, I almost fainted. Somehow I was standing on the presentation cliff far above the Pridelands, atop my home known as Pride Rock. But when I looked around, I saw nothing that I was familiar to seeing only a pale fog, as well as strange flashing images that appeared and then disappeared all around me. I stood there dumbfounded and in absolute confusion; surrounded in a reddish haze, but permeated by an inner light, which allowed me to see, but what awful things I saw! Every time I looked in any direction, the mists would change into an image, but what awful images they were. When I turned right I saw my beautiful homeland as I remembered it, verdant, alive, and filled with all the creatures that made up The Great Circle of Life, but when I turned to my left I saw my homeland in another light, the light of “darkness.” The once lush earth was shown cold, dry, cracked and broken, the land was now a pale gray, and the many trees were nothing more than cold, dead skeletons, their branches hanging low as if in sorrow. Contrary to all that my beloved homeland used to be, Pride Rock was now destroyed, and instead of the animals prospering, countless bones now covered the ground like tall grass.

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