When the voting period began I saw those strict faces of yesterday smiling. They smiled as they budgeted words that would later reflect profits into their bank accounts. At these times there are diamonds in the eyes of the voters and everyone’s hands is needed. But when these votes are grabbed we all become strangers and oppositions becomes suspects. Our nation’s are mostly divided against itself, politicising the meekest of sectors and driving poverty crazy. Selfishness is employed and those Honey words fictioned in manifestos become so complicated to understand. Corruption soon surfaces and in the hands of elites lays thievery. Masses of people become wind chasers and soon Bow to open market thievery. Most of us lose of hopes for who is it to turn to? From colonial Power to our political leaders is a vivid sign of combined mechanism of caging us under the locks of a brutal name of been a third world nation. With all these wealths underneath our feets, strength in my bones, and suffocated intelligence, yet i am nothing but a mare tool to fixing Thieves in power. These pains that I feel might seem invincible. They might be pains of lies and lies can sure not be seen, but I challenge you to come to my nation and see. Come and see how lies could be more worst than the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Come and see political leaders using the dictionary, familiarity, Native tongue and religion to package lies that catapolt them into Power. I am using my pains to wake up to healing and healthy truths. I believe if we all truly classroom our understanding on the word ” democracy”knowing fully well that it’s about a people and government administration then our nation’s would respect their national flags, pledges, and anthems, until then we would continue to feel the same scripts and manifestos carrying bump dictionary words containing pains of lies.

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