i have heard a lot about diplomacy and a lot more about wearing Dark shades. From Top intelligence securities to celebrities and presidents to the royal families. With all these faithful sights something beats my mind and my tears are those of an X-ray machine attitude. Who is the man or woman behind those Dark shades? What lays in their eyes that scares them from the sight of light or sunlight or maybe dust. Dark shades seems to be in fee support of darkness. It’s more like an appearance marsking the inner personality. There is a lot hidden behind the eyes of those with Dark shades. I want to look into your eyes, face our world, taste our truths.

Most times the outer appearance of people quickly wins the minds of naive mases in relation to the eyes behind the darkshades. I solemnly try times without number to catch an eye to eye contact when speaking, than been shaded away by the camouflage of a dark shade. My point here deals not with a feeble mind’s thought, it goes as far as picturing the reality between appearance and inner self. Never most we judge a man by the dark shades on his face, but my the contents of his eyes. Synonymously we must never appreciate appearance than the attitudes, characters, and charismatic personality of a man. Many appear gentle, but behind the shades lays in their eyes humble monsters awaiting to be unleashed. I bet you will discover Gold in a man’s eyes if only you can see beyond the darkshades. So when next you see a man, ask what lays behind the darkshades. Does he possess character, what are his attitudes? These questions can only be answered if we don’t judge one another by appearance. It is not really as true that appearance counts. In simpler terms appearance can only be a measure of a man’s immediate composition, but true appearance wears the same clothes day in day out. True character doesn’t change, it only improves on its beauty. Bring your dark shades and appearance, but show me the eyes behind the dark shades, show me character and attitude.

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