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I was madly in love and I refused to notice his negative side. I was warned by friends and family but I was blinded by love. I made a decision to to walk down the aisle with him. After our marriage, everything changed. The man I married became a woman beater. He used me as his punching bag day in and day out but all I did was cover my bruises with makeup and smiles. I was asked to quit my job because he preferred freshly made home food and not stale food. I listened and put my job on hold. One night he came home and tried to make love to me. I refused because it was that time of the month and he abused me again. I was ashamed to go out and meet friends. I wanted a baby badly but his assault led to three different miscarriages. The man I fell in love with was a monster. I didn’t know who to turn to. I cut ties with friends because of multiple bruises. I looked awful. I was thick, dark and beautiful but I changed. I looked older than my age and wretched. I became weak. I was dying slowly. Well the last assault took me to my early grave. An unplanned grave. He came home after game night with his friends and because he was late his food went cold. He got furious and started beating me. He pushed me down the stairs and that was the end. He rushed me to the hospital and the doctors could not revive me. I was gone. My soul had left my body. Death laid it’s cold hands on me. I lost my life because I refused to stand for my right. I refused to let him know violence was not an option. Sitting and talking about issues was the right approach. It was better than raising your hand on a woman. I refused to let him know my rights by taking him to the authorities all because of love. Just because I couldn’t speak for myself it led me to my early grave and crushed all my dreams and aspirations. Now he’s going to live with that guilt forever and everything I had has been put to an end because I’m gone. No life to live and no one to protect and advice. I caused my own demise. I ended it, when I had the opportunity to make him stop I couldn’t fight back. 

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