Forget me not

  • : “You will either take this money and break all tides with my son and fake your death when he wakes up or I will pull that plug off your mother for her to die, since you can’t afford putting it back on her.” Mes Cameron icily said.

    Jackyln Ambrose a 22 years old girl who lost her father through a terrible construction accident is fighting heaven and earth to keep her mother alive while saving her relationship with Zayn Cameron; a wealthy billionaire who lost his eye sight and suffering from amnesia through an accident. To Zayn life has come to an end with his eyesight taken from him.

    Will Zayn ever gain his memories back and his eyesight back. Will he ever remember he loved a girl he can’t remember.

    Or will he move on with his life as a blind man; a new life he has to adjust to.

    And will jackyln accept the offer Mrs Cameron is putting on the plate for her. Will she accept the money and save her mother or let her mother die to fight for the love of her life

    Follow me on the love story of this two broken souls as they go through ups and downs of life on Forget me not.

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