“Mom” said a teenage boy
“Who the fuck are you calling Mom? I have regretted giving birth to a useless boy like you, move into the streets and find your mom. Now, will you leave my presence! stupid brat!”
What’s my wrong of coming to this earth not looking as healthy as my family. It ain’t my fault, why am I blamed? He thought
Next morning, he plans to leave home, in order to do away with ruins of insults and curses. Not knowing where to go, but keeps the move to escape. In the streets of Walkway, he stops to watch a movie through the window of a bar. Not knowing the idea of what the movie is, but he watches to get rid of his heavy heart .The movie was full of roamance which made him have naughty thoughts. Any lady that passes by could be at risk. “Henry, control yourself”, he advised himself.
Darkness came and time to go home. He has no home, just follow the crowd. When the men from the bar realized a teenage boy was peeping through the bar, they had him beaten severely. They had the thought that he was spying to rob the bar. Henry managed to escape the men and run to wherever he will find himself safety. He got to a small place between two buildings, he slept there till the following morning amidst the cold weather.
“WAITER AND WAITRESS NEEDED” He reads from a billboard. He follows the direction and got to a restaurant. He got employed by narrating his ordeal to the employer, Mr Hamilton. Mr Hamilton wanted to reject him because of how lean and ill he looks. He felt it that, he isn’t strong for running errands but he had compassion to help him out by employing him. He begun working at the spot, unfortunately for him, the family he escaped from had come to have a meal in the restaurant. It happens that he is to serve their table since he’s on duty…. that’s unfortunate.
He changes into his old clothes, seeks permission and moves out of the restaurant. He decided to leave the town for good in order not to have old memories.

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