His image keeps flashing nights after nights, his voice,screams, name and eyes keep appearing like he’s watching me, asking “why did I do it?”. The more I try to convince myself it’s all in my head, the more I remember that fateful day.                             suddenly, it looked like his image was coming close to me, there was no place to run, hide or escape to, the more he approached me, the more the memory kept coming back, I began to remember every pain,happiness,tears he had cost me.
It was all right at first, we were all cool and lovey dovey all over the place. Everybody knew about us, he cherished me like I was his all, we dated for four years when he asked me to move in.Although he wasn’t very financially stable, we were okay just for us.My siblings knew about him and although they were not okay with him, they had to put up with him for me.Everything changed after he had his regular night out with the guys, he came home angry and different from his self. From that day, he bought out a monster I never knew existed in him for a reason I never knew.The first day he beat me up,my siblings advised me to leave him,I kept on saying he loved me and was just going through a phase.
On that fateful day, he had just finished his lunch when I decided to share the good news that we were going to be parents, immediately he began to beat me up, I quickly ran to the kitchen  and picked up a knife, I thought that would scare him but he kept coming closer, as he raised his hand, I quickly reacted,all I could see was a pool of blood.I closed my eyes, trying to stop myself from remembering. As I opened my eyes, I saw him image standing at my front with his blood on my hands and body, I screamed until I couldn’t see anything and I couldn’t hear anything.

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